Brugte katalogkort søges - samt cyklende biblioteksfolk!

Vi har modtaget denne besked fra Mace Ojala, Helsinki City Library:

"We have an unformal project to organize a 650 kilometer bicycling tour

from Copenhagen to Berlin in May/June 2011. This is a new sort of a

unconference for bicycling librarians and all library lovers. We have

recently opened a website at and will

be adding more information there as things progress.

The event will advocate libraries and make them more visible. Naturally

there will be a gathering in Copenhagen in the beginning and as the tour

progresses through Danmark and Germany the local libraries are visited

and their local issues are discussed. But this is not completely serious

event, there will also be all sorts of fun program and of course plenty

of bicycling. This will be a fantastic possibility to see both

colleagues and beautiful scenery.

For marketing purposes we would love to have some 2nd hand, standard

library catalogue cards from Denmark and Germany. We already have 300

cards shipped to us from Ulm university library, and now i ask if

somebody could please send us some danish cards too.

After tuning the catalogue cards up a bit, we will be handing them out

in annual IFLA conference in Göteborg, which is already in 10-15th of

August. So i would very much appreciate a quick response, since a

package will take a while in the mail. We are a very ground up,

non-profit organization, but will naturally cover any postage payments

for the cards. I hope some danish libraries would have some old cards

that they could spare for this purpose.

See "

cykel med katkort